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Do you have packages that need to get out right away? Do you have doubts about some of the shipping companies in the Hagerstown, MD, area? If the packages you send out are of high priority, then you can count on the experienced priority mail package couriers with BEI Delivery to handle your shipments and get them out efficiently.

BEI Delivery has offered reliable, highly rated priority mail package delivery services in and around Hagerstown, MD, since 1989. Our specialty lies in various courier and shipping options for large and small business needs, and we even have USPS priority mail services. We take pride in offering competitive solutions for your priority shipping needs. With more than 300 drivers throughout 17 different states, we are sure to get your package out on time in an efficient manner.

We’re Local & We’re Your Number One Priority Mail Courier

It doesn’t matter what you need shipped or how fast, BEI Delivery provides many benefits when it comes to shipping your commercial items with a priority mail package courier. Whether you have a small business and need to send many packages on a near-daily basis, or you send crucial documents that require tracking, BEI Delivery near Hagerstown, MD, has gained a reputation for reliable USPS priority mail service you can truly count on.

We understand what it takes to handle your packages. And with the utmost care, we’ll get it delivered on time. To make certain of this, we have a team of 300 experienced drivers in various parts of the country for our USPS priority mail service.

Here are some of the reasons business owners and individuals need USPS priority mail services?

  • Affordable – Our priority mail package delivery rates are lower than retail rates
  • Priority mail is quicker than first class shipping
  • Priority Express is guaranteed delivery in 1-2 days, Priority Mail is 2-3 days for anything up to 70lbs., while standard shipping is 2-8 days
  • Heavier, bulkier items are allowed
  • Items are handled with the utmost care, and more expensive items are more carefully handled.

Using BEI Delivery for your priority mail package delivery services is efficient for your time, energy, and money. Furthermore, we will get your deliverables where they need to be on time and intact.

Is There a Difference Between Priority Mail Flat Rate and Priority Mail Commercial?

No matter if you’re talking about Priority Mail Flat Rate or Priority Mail Commercial, the type of shipping you choose will be reliant on your package’s weight, size, and location. We have a few solutions when you opt for Priority Mail Service options. These will allow you to select the kind of delivery timeframe and the service that is the best for your company or organization. Sellers that choose Priority Mail Flat Rate tend to ship small, heavy packages. Priority Mail Flat Rate is typically for packages that weigh up to 70 pounds and are going to any state in the US with a flat rate. Priority Mail Commercial delivery is an option for people or businesses that need to ship bigger but lighter packages. The rates for Priority Mail Commercial are based on the dimensions and weight of your package and where it’s going. Take into account that items shipped within a 150-mile radius won’t be as expensive to ship. If you do end up having questions about what your best shipping option is, then reach out to BEI Delivery and our staff will help you figure out the solution that’s best for you.

BEI Delivery and USPS Priority Mail Service

Opting for BEI Delivery for your shipments through our USPS Priority Mail service will save you time and money. Primarily, you won’t have to be concerned about whether your packages will be delivered on time and in good condition. You can be sure that the boxes you ship will be handled with the utmost care and delivered on time. Our staff adheres to efficient practices and takes care of shipping needs with experienced and professional delivery drivers and trained contract couriers. BEI Delivery can also save you money on all of your USPS Priority Mail package delivery through discounted commercial rates. Discounted commercial rates can save you up to 40% off of regular priority shipping prices. If you’re shipping a lot of things, these kinds of savings can really add up! Turn to BEI Delivery for all your priority package delivery needs and get the most competitive pricing for commercial USPS Priority Shipping in the Hagerstown area.<\p>

Call BEI Delivery – Hagerstown’s Top Priority Courier Service

You can always count on BEI Delivery for your commercial USPS Priority Mail Service delivery needs. By offering dependable priority mail package courier services in Hagerstown, MD, you can have peace of mind.

As additional benefits, we also offer the following:

  • Same day delivery service
  • Local & National deliveries
  • White glove delivery
  • Legal & paperwork delivery
  • Large package delivery
  • Urgent shipping
  • Courier service
  • Errand service
  • Climate controlled warehouse
  • Up to 26-foot lift gate box truck service
  • Customized requests

Reach out to BEI Delivery at 540-323-7166 and let our staff be a resource to any questions you have. In addition to making recommendations, our staff will provide a quote when you call us for your priority mail package deliveries. Our warehouses and headquarters are in Winchester, VA. We cover Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more! We truly are your delivery experts.

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