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Summer is the perfect time to get outside, have fun and throw an awesome party. Whether you’re into pool parties, a backyard bar-be-que or hosting someone’s birthday party, you have to send invitations out one way or another. And who doesn’t love getting something in the mail, especially if it’s more than just a letter? Here are just a few ideas of what to use for your invitations.


Nothing says summer like a good game of Frisbee!


Are you hosting a luau? Write the party details on a coconut and toss it in the mail. Make sure to put the right amount of postage on it to ensure it gets there!

Disposable camera

This might be a good invitation idea for a scavenger hunt, whoever has the most pictures of the items on the list wins! Just make sure you wrap it in some bubble wrap to protect it.

Plastic bottle

Reuse the plastic bottle instead of sending it towards the landfill! Fill it with some goodies and the details, and you’re guaranteed to get a smile from the recipient.

Flip flop

Slap a stamp on the bottom of the shoe and send it on its way! It’s perfect for another beach themed party or before an actual beach vacation.


Did you know that you could send an entire piñata through the mail? While this might not work as an invite for a lot of people, but it would be one of the best things to receive! So whether you’re having a fiesta or sending someone a birthday present, consider a piñata!


This potato will send the perfect message that you want to have a movie marathon and be couch potatoes for the entire day. There is no shame in that!

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