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Summer is all about having fun and creating memories with your family! It can be easy to get into a rut of doing the same activities every summer. So if you’re looking to break out and do something new, try one of these ideas!

Go rock climbing

Rock climbing is perfect if you are seeking an adrenaline-filled vacation. Several national parks offer certified guides to teach you the basics of belaying and your gear.

Dive into history

With so many historic spots across the United States; you could choose a specific city or monument and take the time to learn about the story behind it. Think of places like Mount Rushmore or Washington D.C. The kids will be learning without all of the protesting and complaining.

Take a train

Have you ever considered taking a daytime or overnight trip by train? It is different, and the ride is like a vacation in itself. Find a company that can take you somewhere exciting, and enjoy the ride!

Go to the beach

This may be a typical vacation for some families, and if it is, branch out a little! Choose a location that no one has ever been to and take the time to explore the city after relaxing on the sand.

Stay in a tree house

At some point, it is likely that your children have asked for a tree house. Well, why not stay in one? There is a fantastic getaway in Takilma, Oregon that has family-friendly cabins and all sorts of different adventurous outside activities.

What vacations do you already have planned for this summer? If you do decide to branch out and try something new, let us know!