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The busy shopping and shipping season is here! And good planning is the key to ensure on-time delivery of holiday cards and gifts. Read on to learn how to plan ahead and have a worry-free and jovial holiday season.

Here are 13 planning tips for holiday cards and presents, to get you relaxed and in control:

Set a Budget

Fight the seasonal spending spree by setting a budget for holiday cards and gifts. Write a list of everyone you want to send your love to and avoid changes in it. Also, tally postage charges.

Think Homemade For a Change

Spread holiday love with simple handmade gifts. How about making a snow globe cookie jar, a solid perfume or creamy skin cleaners? These will definitely turn out to be less expensive and more touching.

Purchase Lighter Presents

When you’re shipping presents, it is advisable to buy light things so that postage costs can be curtailed. Gift vouchers, clothes, travel-sized games, prints ready to frame & light jewelry pieces to stay ahead of the game.

Wrap Gifts As You Buy

Avoid pulling an all-night gift wrapping session this holiday season and go by the strategy of wrapping gifts as you buy and storing them away until needed. Trust us; this will be a lot less back-breaking.  

Pen A Few Cards A Day

When it comes to the task of writing cards, don’t leave it until the last minute; instead, pen a few cards every day. This can be done in your free time or even while you’re sipping coffee. This way, there will be no delay in posting them.

Make Gift Tags Out of Last Year’s Cards

Here’s another economical, easy and fun tip for you – cut out last year’s Christmas cards designs to make incredible gift tags this year! Undoubtedly, this is a great way to recycle cards!

Make Good Use of Technology For Ease

With presents and greeting card lists getting longer every year, you may be compelled to make good use of technology to type and print labels for addressing envelopes.

Combine Cards & Holiday Gift Shipping

Remember not to send greeting cards before gifts if both need posting to the same people. Save on postage expenses by putting the card in with the holiday gift.

Check Holiday Deadlines For On-Time Deliveries

See last days to ship with your courier service company, so your holiday shipments are scheduled to arrive on or before December 25.