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Sending a Care Package  

Life takes many unexpected turns which often results in our loved ones living far away; such as for work, school, a humanitarian trip or being deployed. Sending a care package is a thoughtful way to show that you’re mindful of a loved one who lives in a different place. Here are a few simple tips for sending a care package that anyone would be happy to receive.


Before getting your heart set on sending something, it’s smart to be aware of what is illegal to mail. All of the following are prohibited from shipping internationally: aerosols, airbags, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, cigarettes, dry ice, explosives, fresh fruits and vegetables, gasoline, nail polish, perfumes (containing alcohol), and poison. Domestically you can’t ship airbags, ammunition, explosives, and gasoline.

Send Snacks

An easy way to mentally transport yourself to a place dear to you is by eating food from there. One tip is to stock up on candy during Halloween sales to send. For a healthier alternative send nuts and dried fruit. If you’re a baker, send some of your signature cookies. Be sure to send dry, crispy cookies that won’t be a pile of crumbs when they arrive such as gingersnaps, or snickerdoodles. Specialty items or ethnic products are great to send because it’s something that your loved one can’t get where they currently are.

Small Gifts

Trying to decide what little gifts to send can be the hardest part of sending a care package because you’ll want to send something small, light and useful. Gifts that fit this criteria are CDs, photos of friends and family, soaks, earrings, scarves, sewing kits, USB drives, pens, stamps (so they can write you back), headphones and phone chargers. Visit the dollar store to find lots of little gifts to fill your care package with.

Remember the Point

There are numerous reasons why you would send a care package, and it’s important to be aware of your particular reason when putting it together. If you’re sending a package to a college student candy, stationery and stress relievers such as a stress ball, silly putty, or a candle might be helpful. However, if you’re sending a package to someone on a humanitarian trip mailing beef jerky, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen may be more appropriate. Be aware of why you’re sending the package but remember that whatever you send will be treasured by the recipient.

Hand Written Letter

The best way to top off a care package is by sending a handwritten letter. Some of the most irreplaceable items a person owns are heartfelt messages from their family and friends. Don’t stress about writing a long letter, just make sure it is sincere and heartfelt. It’s rarely the words that are used that matter but the effort that goes into writing the letter.

Care packages are an incredible way to show your love and gratitude for others. No matter the reason or whats in the package BEI Delivery is here to help your package get delivered promptly and safely. Finally, have fun being creative and thoughtful while assembling a care package for your loved one!